Members of the I L O Institute are always welcome at any of our upcoming events, which are all limited to 20 invited participants.

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Our current round of upcoming events include:


    Thursday, February 9, Join us in Columbus OH with legendary Harvard Business Review editor and author Thomas Stewart.

    Friday, February 10, Join us in New York City with Thomas Stewart as our guest speaker over lunch.

    Monday, February 13, Join us in Dallas for a discussion led by ILO members: Thomson Reuters, GE, Toyota and AT&T.

    Tuesday, February 14, Join us in Houston along with two outstanding guest speakers over lunch: from ILO member NASA – Steve Gonzales, Deputy Head of NASA’s Office for Strategic Partnerships, and David Meza, NASA’s Chief Knowledge Architect.

    Wednesday, February 15, We will gather in Miami, with Norbert Sluzewski, At&T’s Director on Innovation and Strategy.

    Tuesday, March 21, Join us in New York City for an event which will include Karen Morris, long-time Chief Innovation Officer at AIG, and Daniel Tu, Chief Innovation Officer at Ping An Insurance, the dominant Chinese insurer, who will be our speakers over lunch.

    Thursday, March 23, Join us in Boston for an event with Chandra Ramanathan, head of Bayer’s Innovation Center, and AIG’s Karen Morris as guest speakers.

    Thursday, April 20, Join us in Houston for an event at ILO Institute member AT&T’s Foundry Innovation Center. This is one of AT&T’s collaborative innovation accelerator centers focused on 90-day sprints to develop and prove innovation solutions to challenges important to AT&T business leaders. The Houston Foundry is co-located at the Texas Medical Center’s Innovation campus with a strong focus on digital health.